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  • Do I have to book a trial lesson?
    Yes, the trial lesson is mandatory for all services. In order to get a customized learning plan, you need to consult with an Xpert first.
  • Do I need to purchase a book for the course?
    Purchasing a grammar book is not required and will only be used as supplementary material if necessary.
  • Can the teacher accomdate any additional requests outside the scope of my customized learning plan?
    Any further requests pertaining to proofreading or editing documents, emails, resumes, websites, and contracts can be accommodated to your needs at an added cost. Prices will vary based on the length of the document.
  • May I cancel or reschedule my lesson?
    In order to get a full refund, you must cancel or reschedule 12 hours before your scheduled lesson.
  • Will I receive a weekly assessment of my progress?
    Lessons do not include standardized weekly summative assessment; however, students do receive a monthly progress report.
  • If I don't like my teacher, do I have an option to change?"
    Here at Xpertly, your comfortability is imperative. If you don't like your teacher, we may arrange for another teacher. Contact support for further information.
  • What will my customized plan contain?
    Lessons will provide revision of homework, pronunciation techniques, feedback, extension of vocabulary, emphasis on grammatical structure, speaking, and comprehension within the sector. Of course, a monthly progress report.
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    We use Paypal for all our transactions.
  • Do I need Zoom for English lessons?
    Yes, Zoom is required for all lessons. However, Skype is also a suitable platform to connect.
  • What exams preparation do you offer?
    Currently, we are equipped for the following: First Certificate TOEFL TOEIC IELTS SAT
  • How long are the English online lessons?
    Pre-A1-30 minutes Beginner- 55 minutes Intermediate- 55 minutes Advanced- 55 minutes Accent Improvement- 55 minutes Exam Preparation- 55 minutes
  • What is the three-strike rule?
    The three-strike rule is for all students. If the student cancels or reschedules a lesson within the 12-hour time frame of the scheduled lesson, the student will receive a strike. If on the fourth time, this occurs, unfortunately, the student will lose their lesson.
  • Are lessons recorded?
    As technology advances, so do our policies and regulations. Xpertly's administration will record Zoom sessions and that occasionally, these recordings will be evaluated to ensure your safety and that the Xpertly's teachers are abiding by the standard.
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