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Back To School- Sustaining Motivation

Sustaining motivation can be challenging under the best of circumstances. So how can you stay motivated when your to-do list is never-ending, your emails are piling up, and you over-committed yourself with extracurricular activities? Unfortunately, there isn't a magical pill that can instantly motivate you; on the contrary, you can implement a strategy that will help you sustain your motivation so that you can accomplish your goals once and for all.

Step 1: Set a Goal and Visualize It First things first, set a goal. Are you learning English for career advancement, traveling, or feeling confident speaking with clients or colleagues? Once you have a crystal clear target, it's now time to visualize it. Now, I don't mean closing your eyes and thinking about your goal for five minutes; I mean vividly visualizing it. Think about all the intricate details related to your goal and fully believe that the goal will manifest with proper time and dedication. Also, creating a mood-board can instantly help you visualize your goals into fruition.

Step 2: Break the Goal down into Sections

Sometimes your goals can be quite big. This makes it hard to track progress. Incremental steps are better. Design your milestones and intermediate steps so that you're not only measuring your progress but are encouraged by it. By breaking down the goal into sections or chunks, you will have a better outcome of tackling them. Step 3: Strategize a plan for when Demotivation Kicks-In Throughout your journey, you will be faced with demotivation. There will be many days where you will feel sluggish, exhausted, or even irritable. When those feelings arrive, design a plan to get you back on track. For instance, you can work on goal more creatively by taking a break from studying and practicing your skills with a friend. If you make your goal enjoyable, it will feel less like a chore, and this perspective will lead you to accomplish it.

Step 4: Reflection + Rewards Having accountability throughout this process will give you an added boost to achieving your goal. Remind yourself of what you have accomplished, and push yourself closer to the obstacles you have left; this will increase your motivation. You can begin a reflection journal and write down your daily accomplishments, and you can provide yourself with rewards at certain milestones.

Step 5 : Ask for Help Don't feel nervous or shy to reach out for help. Everyone's journey is vastly different, and each individual may need help at different aspects of their learning journey. Here at Xpertly, we are committed to helping all students with their English goals. If you are interested in our online English lessons, please book a FREE trial lesson at your convenience.

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