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The Importance of Learning English

Why studying the language will transform and benefit your life.

Over the past few years, more and more people have started learning English. Some of the reasons for this include having additional opportunities in different areas such as work, school, and personal development. Because of the rapid evolution of technology in modern countries, the English language is firmly positioning itself as a must-have requirement.

Below are three critical points in which learning the language will benefit and change your life.

1. English is a Global Language

It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you visit; there will always be people speaking English. Learning the language allows you to communicate with almost every person on the planet, and it is a one-of-a-kind tool.

Further, English is known to be the language of business, so if you’re interested in the field or want to improve your skills, English is a remarkable ability to develop.

Nowadays, most companies require their employees to know English, and many make it mandatory. More opportunities await those who understand the language.

2. English is a Key in a World of Locks

Everything is either created or translated to English, including books, movies, songs, education, finances, and more. Learning a new language, especially this one, provides you with double the amount of information and entertainment you can access, both digital and paper. Now that streaming services are top-rated, every title is available in English but not in many other languages, so learning it will allow you to access more entertaining pieces.

Further, most scientific reports and papers are written in English instead of the researcher’s native language. Not only in the scientific field but in other significant disciplines, English is the predominant language.

3. English Allows you to Travel More

It is known that English is a language spoken in almost every part of the world; therefore, those who study it have more tools to communicate with other people all around the world. Ordering food, booking a hotel, and calling a taxi are simple things to do while traveling that can become tedious if a language barrier gets in between.

Train timetables, emergency exits and resources, airport announcements, and other important information are always displayed in English, whereas as a first or second language.

Learning a second language increases your analytical and cognitive activities, and although it can be a bit stressful and seem complicated, exercising the mind and acquiring new knowledge will benefit you in the future in more ways than just the three mentioned above.

Other languages are starting to arise as well, but English will always be the most required. As technology and teaching methods evolve, there are many different resources for students to access the language and begin the learning process.

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Lachlan Brows
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