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Nastassia Acevedo

Director of Academics  + CEO

Nastassia Acevedo is the Founder and Co-CEO of Xpertly. For the past decade, she has dedicated her life to pedagogy. Teaching has always been her true passion her life.





Daniel Da Silva

Business Manager + CEO

Daniel Da Silva is the Co-CEO and Business Manager of 

Xpertly. With over ten years of experience in Business Management and Customer Service, making his general experience a remarkable asset to Xpertly. 




"​Our mission is to provide students with an ​innovative way
to ​enhance​ their English skills."

Our Teachers


Adriana Bocu


Adriana is a passionate and professional English teacher and teacher trainer specializing in teaching pronunciation. She started her teaching career in 2011. She has taught in Romania, Spain, Malta, and the UK, working with different age ranges and levels, teaching EAP, CLIL, and General and Exam English. She has recently started as a national and national-international conference speaker.

Her passion for teaching English motivated her to focus on teaching pronunciation, English conversation, business English and preparing students for different exams (Cambridge, Trinity, or IELTS).
Her lessons are dynamic and fun, using many interactive platforms, games, and materials to help students meet their needs.

She holds a BA in French and Romanian Literature and is a Trinity
DipTESOL qualified teacher and trainer. She is currently studying for a MA in Applied linguistics.

She is waiting for you in class.


Jasmine Streissguth


Jasmine is half American and half Italian. She has been teaching for over two years and has worked with students from all around the world.

Her teaching style is fun, engaging, and personal. She is keen to get to know her students and wants their class time with her to be a positive learning experience. 

She hopes to see you in class!"

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Misty Lehman


Misty is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but she currently resides in South Wales, UK. She has been teaching English since 2013. She taught in a Japanese eikaiwa (English conversation school) for 22 months and then began teaching online in 2017. She has experience teaching children as young as 2 and adults as old as 80. She holds a BA in English with a criminal justice minor, as well as a TEFL/TESL/TESOL certificate.

Misty loves traveling, interacting with new people, and learning about different cultures. She finds that while she is teaching you English, she learns so much about your country, your native language, and your culture. Teaching English is like traveling to a different part of the world every day and meeting a new friend. Each student is unique in their own way, so while Misty’s teaching style might be quick-paced, target-focused, and structured with one student, it might be relaxed, informal, and relational with another. She approaches each student with kindness, compassion, and patience no matter what. Her goal for you is to have fun and be confident with the English language.

In her free time, Misty enjoys running, hiking, and anything outdoors. Between lessons, she often goes for a jog along the beautiful trails just outside her home in the Welsh countryside. She also has a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen. If you have a conversation with her about local cuisine in your country, it is highly likely that she will try to cook it in the future!


Anna Felgenhauer


Anna​ is from a small town near Chicago in the Midwestern United States and she has been living and working abroad as an English teacher for nearly 12 years. ​She has ​taught general English to all ages, from kindergarten to professional adults. ​She has​also taught exam preparation courses (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams) and academic writing. At university, ​she ​studied Global Studies, which sparked her interest in living and working abroad and meeting people from various countries and cultures. 


​She ​moved to South  Korea after university to teach English. It was an enriching and exciting experience, inspiring her to get more qualifications and continue teaching. Since then, she has ​taught in Myanmar, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Currently, she is based in Wisconsin, USA, but she often changes locations. In her free time, ​she ​enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, camping, running, reading, listening to music, and going to concerts. She bases her lessons around her students’ needs and uses the communicative approach to help them to make noticeable progress in an enjoyable environment. ​She ​motivates her students by using real-life examples and situations relevant to their work and social lives. 



She looks forward to studying with you, having interesting conversations, and, most importantly, seeing you achieve your goals.

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