Nastassia Acevedo

Founder + CEO

Hello, my name is Nastassia Acevedo and I am the CEO and Managing Director of Xpertly. Teaching has always been my true passion in life. For the past decade, I have dedicated my life to pedagogy.


I have obtained a Master's Degree in education, completed various certifications and training seminars, and have taught internationally.


Throughout my educational journey, I have developed personalized techniques and methods to help all demographics to learn English through an optimized experience. Obtaining these methods and wanting to share my findings with students lead me to develop Xpertly.


My signature method includes true progress, real results, and most importantly you will be speaking English with confidence. I'm looking forward to hearing about your needs and helping you complete your goals. 





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My latest feature on the Bridge TEFL website, the Premier English Teacher Certification. 




Daniel Da Silva


CEO /Business Manager

Daniel Da Silva is the CEO and Business Manager for Xpertly. 

With over ten years of experience in Business Management and Customer Service, he is a remarkable asset to Xpertly. He is no teaching expert, but he does speak four languages!

Xpertly has been founded under the perfect and equal formula, that you would expect from two CEOs.

Alexandra Nunez



Alexandra Nunez spent the first 7 years of her career teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at various language schools in New York and Pace University where she provided academic support to graduate international students. 


Alexandra graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications

from City College of New York and earned a Master of Arts in Bilingual School Counseling from New York University.

Elisabete Da Silva


Teacher Coordinator

Elisabete Da Silva has over 25 years of experience and she has taught within different companies, such as Honda & Mitsubishi. Her international 

knowledge contributes to establishing a real 

understanding and provides an optimum performance of the English language.


From her vast years of experience, she has developed a keen sense of teaching languages and she can't wait to share her knowledge with you all.  

Elizabeth Rivera



Elizabeth Rivera is native English speaker, with a B.A. degree in Psychology from The College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York. She is TEFL certified and began her passion for teaching online with students.


She emphasizes oral comprehension and development so that the student can better establish the foundations of the theory and, in addition, have tools to cope in real situations in the language they learn. 

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