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6 Innovative Tips for Teaching Advanced Students

Updated: May 24, 2021

Here is a list of the best methods to use when teaching advanced students. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced teacher, these tips will improve participation and engagement in any classroom.

Use Subject Matter that Tailors to their Interests

The first notion to consider when teaching advanced students is that they need to resonate with the language personally. You can achieve this by connecting English to their interests or professional career. By doing so, you instantly increase engagement and participation within the classroom. In the first lesson, you can have your student fill in a questionnaire based on their future lessons' goals and expectations; this concept gives an overview of potential topics to explore in future lessons.

Consider Long Term Projects

One of the significant aspects of teaching advanced students is that they are mature enough for long-term projects. Several ideas come to mind, such as reading chapter books based on their interests, creating pitches for products or services as in 'Shark Tank,' and exploring various long-form essays based on the different writing styles.

Explore English Language Arts

Metaphors, similes, idioms, English expressions, colloquialisms are all prime examples of ELA. Exploring the deeper layers of the language will give your student a more complex perspective on the language. By uncovering this aspect, your students will navigate easier when reading English literature and interpreting the language from other angles.

Dive into Pronunciation

Ditch the old habits and cultivate new ones. Pronunciation drills and learning the foundation of the pronunciation will help them achieve clear articulation. There is a plethora of pillars to explore within this sector. For more information about pronunciation targets, email us today to receive a free chart.

Discover Uncharted Territory

Teaching at the advanced level requires pushing the boundaries of your students while also challenging yourself. Embrace new techniques and dive deep into the unknown. One approach is to implement current events into your lessons; this allows you to stay on trend and incorporate actual life events outside the curriculum's scope.

Initiate Role Plays

Advanced students are all curious about how they will assimilate and interact in real-world situations. So why not give them a glimpse into those scenarios. You can incorporate negotiations, debates, renting an apartment, or going through customs at an airport. These real-life situations will increase engagement while also piquing their interest.

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