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Debunking Myths: Speaking English

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

We’re here to help you learn about the most common myths and misconceptions about speaking English.

Follow our tips and overcome any obstacles that are hindering your English learning journey.

You CAN'T Use Filler Words

Filler words are short, meaningless words or sounds we use to fill the little pauses that occur while deciding what we will say next. Historically, fillers words were considered errors and mistakes in spoken communication. However, we may use filler words when nervous or even when we are collecting our thoughts.

Here is a pro-tip; if you are excessively using filler words to the point that it becomes distracting to your audience, you must learn to embrace your pauses instead of filling them with words such as: like, um, ah, well, you know. You NEED Perfect Pronunciation

Let's be honest; perfection is overrated. We are all a work in progress, and we all can enhance our spoken communication, but you shouldn't focus all your energy on trying to be perfect. Even as a native speaker, such as myself, I make mistakes; that's right, I make mistakes.

Focusing too much on accuracy can really limit your fluency, your ability to speak rapidly and naturally, and fluency is an integral part of language learning.

Moreover, perfectionism can also be an excuse or a form of procrastination. Slowly shift your mindset from this outdated concept, and remember to have fun with English.

You NEED to have Flawless Grammar. To be fluent in English, indeed you need to know the grammar basics and speak without an abundance of errors. But you don’t need to be a grammar expert, and you don't need to learn it through tedious grammar exercises necessarily. Watching Ted Talks, listening to Podcasts, and reading English books can be just as effective.

You NEED to visit an English-speaking country. Immersion in an English-speaking country definitely helps English learners, but you don’t need immersion to get fluent. The benefit of immersion is that it gives you lots of opportunities to use a language; it often forces you to use a language. But you can give yourself those same opportunities without living in an English-speaking country.

Xpertly offers you this immersion with our online lessons, so you don’t need to travel to have access to native speakers.

Book a FREE Trial Lesson and invest in your future today.

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