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How to enrich your English vocabulary? 

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Enriching your vocabulary is an ongoing process for any language learner, so optimizing the way you do it should be a top priority.

Set up a Learning Plan

What is your trajectory for enriching your vocabulary skills? Is it for school purposes or your professional development? Once you understand your target, you can aim your learning plan towards a particular sector. The next step is to think about your vocabulary goals in a realistic manner. Organize a plan that is feasible for your lifestyle. Instead of wanting to learn 10 new words per day, opt for 5 new words. As time progresses, you may modify the number of words as you please.

Every Learner Learns Differently

To truly enrich your vocabulary skills, you must be aware of what type of learner you are. Some students work better with photos, while others need to write down the words to retain the information. You have to be mindful of your personal preferences and embrace the discovery process. If you are the type of student that has never thought about this process, don't worry; that is completely normal; however, you must be willing to explore and find what works best for you. If, throughout the process, you feel that a technique isn't working, you may try another method. Don't feel forced to commit to one strategy; learning is not a linear journey.

Vocabulary Chunking The worst thing you can do when enriching your vocabulary skills is to study a long word list. Firstly, how boring is that? Secondly, your mind is not equipped for that learning method. Your mind works more efficiently if you break down the words into smaller sections or categories. By chunking the information, you will accelerate the process and get closer to your goals.


Using gamification to enrich your vocabulary skills is a method that will get you out of your comfort zone, and you will learn in a dynamic and fun manner. Many apps, puzzles, and critical thinking skills games will help you retain new vocabulary. My favorite application is Quizlet. This website includes already made vocabulary quizzes, or you can create your own. Quizlet's cutting edge technology provides you with practicality and innovative features to practice your vocabulary chunking.

Memory Tactics

There are various methods of memory tactics. The best three memory tactics are mnemonics devices, assimilating words with your past experiences, and visual concepts. Examples of mnemonics devices are acronyms, poems, rhythms, and songs. Assimilating words with your past experiences is also an excellent way to retain your vocabulary by using your existing knowledge and merging it with new information. Visual concepts are essential for all learners. Visual concepts will provide your brain to associate new information with photos or images. Visual concepts allow us to help connect the abstract analogy with a concrete principle.

You Learn by Doing

Remember that you learn by doing. So whatever method or technique you choose, know that you must go beyond the surface and dig deeper. Reading this blog is certainly the first step; it made you aware and gave you insight into how to enrich your vocabulary skills; however, you must dedicate your time and do these techniques daily. Consistency is the key that will get you closer to your goals.

Trust the Process

Overall, patience is a virtue. Trust the process, be accountable for your goals, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Xpertly is here to help and guide you with your English goals. Please speak to one of our Xperts for a FREE trial lesson and join our evolving community.

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