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5-Practical Tips for First-Time Online Learners

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Have you ever learned English online? Have no fear, Xpertly is here to help you navigate through this uncharted territory.

Tip #1 How do I prepare for my first lesson?

  • Find a quiet workspace free of distractions in your home.

  • Be on time. (After 10 minutes the class will be considered as a NO SHOW)

  • Have a pencil, and blank paper near by ready to go!

Tip #2 What applications do I need?

Tip #3 How can I have the best connection?

  • For the best quality, you must use a laptop or computer. Cellphones are not compatible.

  • When next to your computer, turn your cell phone off.

  • If your signal is weak, try moving closer to your router.

  • Make sure to close all the applications that you aren't using.

  • Complete any software updates to your computer or laptop.

Tip #4 How do I submit my homework?

Tip #5 What are the online classroom rules?

  • We are here to practice English; please refrain from speaking in your native language

  • Participate! A shared learning environment is only effective if everyone involved actually shares.

  • Use proper writing style. Correct spelling, grammar, and style are expected in all scholarship and academic writing.

  • Participation, completing assignments, and being on time will contribute for you passing to the next level!

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